Support us


You can support us with a donation. Your donation will be used to realize the goals of the Naminya Foundation like the build of the school or paying for children's tuition. Together with Noah's Ark Academy Naminya (NAAN) we decide about the ultimate destination of the received gifts. This is to make sure that the donation is sent to where it is needed most.

The ultimate goal for NAAN is a school with ten classrooms and the corresponding facilities. The build of the fifth classroom commenced in 2016. The goal is to realize one new classroom every year so the highest class can move up.

You can find an overview below of the costs of the projects in Naminya:
- Tuition for 1 child per year: 50 euro (2016-2017)
- Build of 1 classroom (furniture included): 4.500 euro

Do you wish to receive more information?

Contact us for information or questions.

Would you like to make a gift?

You can send your donation directly to the account of our foundation. Together with NAAN the foundation will decide to which goal the gift will be used. This is to make sure that the donation is sent to where it is needed most. Would you specifically like to sponsor a child's tuition? This is also possible. You can send an e-mail to the foundation to be registered as a regular donator. The foundation will contact you with an agreement for a longer period of time. This way a child can count on your support during his or her education.

What happens with your money?

The main part of the gifts will go directly to projects because of limited overhead costs. A small part will be used otherwise, e.g. for promotion purposes. Tuition donations will go to the child for 100%. The foundation has no employees and none of the board members and volunteers receive payments for their work related to the foundation.