Board of directors


The daily board of directors consists of:


President: Renate Gerritsen-van der Linde

My name is Renate and I was born in 1974 and have been working as a nurse in healthcare since 1997. I first came to Uganda in 2012 and fell in love with the country. Ravian and I went back in 2014 and at that time we met Marianne. Through her we got to know Sam and Doreen. I was impressed with the love and commitment this couple has to create a better future for impoverished children. The children stole my heart forever, and it became my life’s mission to support them. Since then, Ravian and I have been returning to Uganda every year to help further the project.


Vice-President: Marion Bulten

Since 2014 I work as a medical psychologist at the Beatrix hospital in Gorinchem. I am also working in my own practice in Utrecht. In 2013 I was in Ethiopia, then I worked as a volunteer in Uganda for 6 weeks. In Kampala I was introduced to a project for street children. In Jinja I helped handicapped children by giving trauma treatments. Through Marianne I met Sam and Doreen and Noah's Ark Academy Naminya. I was touched by the integrity of kind-hearted couple and the urgency of the children they took care of.


Treasurer: Ravian Gerritsen

I work as a data analyst/engineer at ‘De Persgroep Nederland’. I first went to Uganda in 2008, through a past employer. Since then the country and the population hold a special place in my heart. After a round trip through the country in 2012, Renate and I decided to do volunteer work there in 2014 and 2015. There we met the Noah’s Ark Academy Naminya, the staff and the children in 2014.

Since we started the foundation, we travel to Naminya every year to provide local support.


Secretary: Marianne Lindeman

In this way I gladly introduce myself to you. My name is Marianne, born in 1987 and working as a personal counselor in a residential group where we accommodate people with a mental disability and/or psychological illness. I like to be able to mean something to people who can’t fully take care of themselves in this society.

I volunteered for 5 months in 2013/2014 in Uganda. During those months I spent a lot of time at the Noah’s Ark Academy Naminya. It is wonderful to see how great Sam and Doreen’s trust, patience and commitment are to make the school a success, against all odds.

n 2016 I went back for 4 weeks. It was again a very nice and good time at Noah's Ark Academy.