The foundation pursues to raise funds – particularly in the Netherlands – in order to realise its goals. The costs associated with the fund raising will be minimised, so that as much money can be allocated to the final goal; to improve the future of the the children and adults in Naminya.

The foundation is a non-profit organization and the board members perform their work unsalaried. All the activities that support the villagers are performed by the board members and volunteers with heart and soul.

The foundation works directly with Noah's Ark Academy Naminya (NAAN) and is not making use of intermediaries. Every year one or more board members go to Naminya at their own expense in order to discuss the progress and tune future plans. From the Netherlands the director of the school is contacted on a monthly basis so that current affairs can be discussed.

Donations are used among other things to support the build of the school and to educate the children. With NAAN is discussed in which area financial support is needed the most so that donations can be allocated efficiently.